David Bennett   -  Contemporary  Wildlife  Artist


David Bennett was born in 1969 and grew up in Doncaster. From an early age he naturally took to painting and drawing, animals and birds being a recurring theme. These interests grew with his schooling and continued during a degree in graphics and illustration at Leeds, followed by a masters degree in natural history illustration at the Royal College of Art in London. After graduating David moved back to Yorkshire, where he now paints and draws full time. His work has earned him many prestigious awards and placements on conservation projects in Alaska, Extremadura in Spain, Ireland, Scotland and the New Forest. His lively representational drawings and paintings illustrate a creativepassion which is inspired by much observation and work in the field. His first solo project “True to Form” was published in 2007. Soon to be followed by “Otter Shores” in May 2011, a culmination of  his work with these elusive animals, portraying observations and encounters on the wild and remote west coast of Scotland. Constantly subject to the dynamics of weather, light and season. Through sketches and paintings he illustrates the otters’ world, their behaviour and habits, giving pointers to the would-be otter watcher on the tracks and signs to look for.